Safety guide : How to put and shoot a handgun

The best shooting expertise and skills don’t solely depend upon the instrumentality and accessories you have got. It conjointly needs discipline and correct body positioning. Thus, it’s still best to be told the correct ways in which on a way to hold and shoot a rifle.

As it is so unsafe now a days, you have to take some measure to be secure, like get a gun license for your safety and don’t forget to buy cannon gun safes.

Balance is one amongst the foremost important things to realize a correct shooting technique. it’s  essential that one has the foremost stable position of getting no balance adds movement to your rifle whereas aiming and shooting.

For you to realize such correct posture, you have got to stay a load of your body and rifle vertically and directly over your feet to forestall being off-balance which can directly result for you to force your muscles to form the changes and hold your balance.

1. Correct Position of your lower body elements like the feet, legs, and hips:

These body elements will do the trick in achieving the correct posture needed to possess a balanced and powerful shooting expertise.

Feet: Your feet ought to be positioned well; it ought to be shoulder dimension and make certain that your right foot is ninety degrees from the direction of the target. The left foot ought to be slightly twisted towards the aim.

Legs: Make sure that your legs don’t seem to be in bolted position by creating them straightly relaxed.

Hips: Your Hips should be in direction of your elbow by making curve outside against your full body. However, this adjustment might not apply to everybody because it depends on the dimensions and also the form of the person. You can also use best 1911 holster for gun safety.

2. Properly position your higher body:

Shoulders: Your ought shoulder should be aligned along with your target to permit the rifle’s butt half be handled a lot of on the ball of the shoulder rather than within it.

Left Elbow: Your left elbow should be placed just below the gun, and it ought to rest touching your body to support the rifle’s weight directly and to realize stability.

3. Head Position

To ensure that the sense of balance is maintained, it’s vital to stay your head in AN upright position.

Handling the Rifle steady: Once you have got already assured yourself that you simply have the potential to realize the specified and steady position, it’s concerning time that you simply learn to carry the rifle steady while not the help of a shooting rest. the subsequent are the steps to realize satisfaction in handling the gun.

4. Shooting with 2 Hands:

Using the two-handed grip technique is one effective thanks to shooting properly and accurately. So, take the weapon along with your dominant hand since this provides AN extreme degree of security once shooting. Your middle, ring and finger fingers ar suggested being wrapped around the base of the rifle simply to a lower place the trigger guard.

Then, on the uncovered portion of the grip, the heel of your non-dominant hand ought to be placed in the order that it fills the areas. Place the thumb of your non-dominant hand just below your dominant hand’s thumb ensuring that it’s resting against the frame. The four fingers like the index, middle, ring and finger fingers ought to be wrapped firmly around the base of the grip.

Shooting with 2 hands could also be uncomfortable for beginners, however, it’s best to be reminded that the goal is to fill the open areas around the grip since this can cut back the gun’s recoil and increase management of the sport.

5. Determine your dominant eye:

Extend your arm whereas holding your index below your target at intervals the gap victimization your each eye to grasp that one is your dominant eye. Then, do identical factors previously indicated whereas closing one eye at a time and once the thing rapt from the primary position once every eye were open, you are victimization your non-dominant eye.

6. Be in your prepared position:

In your prepared position, prepare your aim victimisation your dominant eye whereas extending your arms while not lockup it.

7. Pull the trigger then Fire:

To have a superb trigger management, your distal phalanx (or unremarkably called the middle of the primary a part of your index finger) ought to be connected with the whole trigger. Then, press with direct pressure.

Then hearth once your front sight is obvious and is targeted at the target. continually bear in mind to press the trigger controllably and do not anticipate the shot as this implies dropping your front sight and see wherever the bullet lands.

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Equal Pay Coalition Joins Forces with PowHer NY!

To create a stronger voice for wage equality, the Equal Pay Coalition NYC and PowHer NY are joining forces! EPCNYC leaders will continue to be involved in developing strategies for the city, and now statewide, activities; and PowHer NY will employ its extensive online presence to share information and amplify our message. The Equal Pay Campaign will continue New York’s decades-old struggle for equal pay by championing policy reform, educating the public and our leaders, and engaging citizens to take action.

Moving forward, all Equal Pay activities will be found at This website will only be used for archival purposes.

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Boston’s Wage Gap Initiative

Boston Globe reports: Boston has the best-educated women of any major US city, and now Mayor Thomas M. Menino is trying to make it a better place for them to earn a living. The goal: to make Boston the first city to eliminate the wage gap between men and women.

Menino plans to announce this ambitious initiative on Thursday when he rolls out a compact signed by 38 employers that have committed to ending pay disparities. Nationally, women earn 77 cents for every dollar men make. In Boston, it’s 83 cents to the dollar — a difference of almost $10,000 a year, or about $400,000 over a career, according to a report by the city’s newly formed Women’s Workforce Council.

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Economic Equity News

Don’t miss the latest news on equal pay! Go to the Economic Equity Newsletter for up-to-date information, research, and commentary. Click to stay informed!

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TGIF – Twitter Power Lunch at Noon

Last day of TWEET WEEK for Pay Equity and WEC’s awesome Video! This week’s Twitter Power Lunches have helped get the word out & boost the views of the Women’s Equality Coalition’s humorous video to 8,000! Being on WNYC and in NYMagazine/The Cut is giving us amazing exposure.


1. Join our TWITTER POWER LUNCH – 12 to 1 pm (sample tweets below)
2. Share WEC’s FACEBOOK posts (go to for shares)
3. GOAL: Share the new VIDEO[] and PETITION with your networks

How? Visit WEC social media pages & from your organization’s account, retweet & share posts. @NY4Women for retweets.

    #WEAreStrong & our laws should be just as strong. It’s time to #UpgradeNY w/ Women’s Equality Agenda! @NY4Women
    Vintage: Great 4 t-shirts, bad 4 New York law. Let’s pass #WEA #UpgradeNY today!
  • EQUAL PAY TWEETS: Leadership and Opportunity
    .@NY4Women Video may be funny but it’s no joke! Talking abt ur salary can get u fired! #UpgradeNY laws!
  • How do you know u r getting equal pay when 61% of employees fear losing jobs for discussing salary? WATCH:
  • Companies w/ the most women board directors outperformed those with least by 26% ROI. NY needs women at the top! #UpgradeNY laws @NY4Women
  • Fed employees have smallest #WageGap of 9% b/c salaries r public.#UpgradeNY laws for #EqualPay! WATCH:
  • Why is #WageGap for lawyers 20%? One reason: pay secrecy. Join @NY4Women #UpgradeNY laws 4 #EqualPay! DYK:
  • Women r:4.2% of F500 CEOs, 20% of Senate, 15% of the military, but 51% of pop.! #UPgradeNY laws to UP the #s! @NY4Women Petition:
  • DYK Higher education increases wage gap for women! Stop pay discrimination! #UpgradeNY laws @NY4Women


  • Construction Contractors still ask women what r u doing on this site! Stop wage bias #UpgradeNY @NY4Women
  • 1978 goal for women in construction contracts: 6.9%. 2013 Reality: only 2.6%! #UpgradeNY laws @NY4Women
  • Women r 15% of the military but less than 3% of trade workers. #WEArestrong & want high paying work!@NY4Women #UpgradeNY laws for equal jobs!
  • Women r 12% of police officers. but 3% of working skilled trade workers. Sign @NY4Women Petition: to #UpgradeNY laws
  • Women r 43% of bus drivers,35% of athletes/coaches/umps but less than 3% in skilled trades.
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Online Equal Pay Event – 10/15 1PM

A new Gallup poll confirms that Americans – women, men, liberals, moderates, and conservatives – all see Equal Pay as a TOP issue for working women. What can we do in NY to make that a reality? Tune into  NYS PowHER Google Hangout on Equal Pay

The #POWHERList Campaign wants to keep women’s economic issues on the table during this election season…and in the future! Together we will!  Click for more info

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Paycheck Fairness Act moves forward in Senate

JUST IN: By a vote of 73-25, the Senate has agreed to move on to a full debate on the Paycheck Fairness Act for the first time. (This bill is the model for the NYS Women’s Equality Act pay equity provisions.)

Finally, Americans will get a hearing on the Senate floor about the issue. The next big vote will be the one to end debate which needs 60 votes before the bill can have an up or down vote. Then a simple majority is needed to pass the bill.

While it is still an uphill battle to get this passed, and there’s a rough road ahead for the cloture vote needed to end debate, this is the farthest the bill has gone. The issue will have visibility and anything can happen in an election year.

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Join #POWHERList Hangout on Wednesday @1PM!

Finally, women’s issues are taking center stage in the election debate across the country, and especially here in New York. While the NYS Women’s Equality Act would significantly expand women’s rights, achieving economic equality is the next challenge – and opportunity – ahead.

Now is the time to ask! That’s why the NYS PowHER Network created the #POWHERLIST Campaign to spotlight the need for increased economic opportunity and fairness, and to focus on solutions.

Our #POWHERLIST proposes a dozen key issues that must be addressed to create economic equality. We know there are much more and are asking YOU, New York leaders and experts: “What’s on Your POWHERList? And, every Wednesday until Election Day we will talk about the answers!

Be part of NYS PowHER *Network’s Women’s Equality Wednesdays!

1. Google Hangout: Wednesday – 09/10/2014 at 1:00 p.m.

Featuring national activist, author Ellen Bravo of Family Values @ Work and Ana Oliveira, President, NY Women’s Foundation, moderated by Beverly Neufeld of NYS PowHER.

2. Tweet on Wednesday: Tell us what’s on YOUR #POWHERList using @NYSPowHER #POWHERList

•LIVE @ 1PM @NYSPowher @FmlyValuesWork @NYWomensFdn talk #equalpay in election #POWHERList
• ATTN #NYWomen: Have you heard about the #POWHERList? Learn more:
• The #POWHERLIST proposes a dozen issues that must be addressed to create economic equality. Check it out:

3. Share Facebook Event:

4. Join the NYS PowHER Network! Individuals and organizations are welcome! Get campaign updates. Become a PowHER Source!

*NYS PowHER thanks its Partners and Friends including: A Better Balance, AAUW-NYS, Change Create Transform Foundation, Collaboration for Construction Women, Domestic Workers United, Enterprising and Professional Women NYC, Equal Pay Coalition NYC, Equal Rights Advocates, Inclusion Strategies, Lean In NY, National Association of Female Executives, New York Civil Liberties Union, New York Women’s Foundation, NYS Paid Leave Coalition, ROC-NY, Take the Lead, Women’s City Club of New York, YWCA of NYS. JOIN our growing network!

NYS PowHER is an inclusive statewide network committed to securing economic equality for all New York women. NYS power’s collaborative actions will attain POWER: Poverty Solutions, Opportunity and Access, Workplace Fairness, Healthier Lives, Equal Pay, and Representation at all Tables. @NYSPowHER

NYS PowHER is a non-partisan, non-profit project.

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Rally for Women’s Equality Act!

Advocates and Legislators call on NYS Senate to take a vote on the 10 Point Women’s Equality Act

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Nov 14 – Noon to 1:00 – Twitter Focus on Young Women

Thanks, AAUWNY for leading Twitter Power Lunch on Thursday 11/14 at Noon and supplying us with the following:

The needs and challenges facing New York’s young women are many. They have paid a high cost for their education, they are coming to maturity in the midst of an economic downturn, the work world is still filled with discriminatory practices which limit their options, and they suffer the same pay inequity their mothers and grandmothers faced, in too many cases.

The Women’s Equality Agenda is a package of legislation addresses employment discrimination by ending sexual harassment on the job, enforcing equal pay laws, and provide expanded access to legal justice. WEA will ensure young women get a good start on their work careers and get the economic security, justice, and freedom from violence that are essential to women’s equality for all of NY’s 10 million women. We need laws as strong as NY’s women.

TAKE ACTION: WEA Power-Lunch: Tweet for Equality for Young Women 12 PM – 1 PM – Thursday, Nov 14

Sample Tweets:
@NY4Women Young women 1 yr out of college are paid 6.6% less than their male counterparts. That’s $2,800! We need to #UpgradeNY laws Watch Fun Video:

$2,800 pay gap 4 young woman buys a year of groceries or 750 gallons of gas! #UpgradeNY @AAUWNY @EqualPayNY

Use Hashtags: #UpgradeNY #WEA @EqualPayNY Petition: WEA VIDEO:

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