NYS Legislature takes action toward closing gender wage gap, in line with New Yorkers’ priorities and WEA

(Albany, NY April 16, 2013)  The movement of pay equity bills in the Assembly and the Senate over the past two days demonstrates an interest on behalf of the New York State Legislature to correct gender disparities in New York workplaces, a welcome sign of bipartisan support for policies that are good for the women of New York. Earlier this year, a Quinnipiac University poll of New York voters showed 9 out of 10 think equal pay for women should be a priority for the Governor and the Legislature to address this year. Equal pay is one of the components of the proposed ten-point Women’s Equality Agenda supported by the New York Women’s Equality Coalition, made up of more than 750 business leaders, women’s organizations, religious leaders and labor groups statewide.

Women in New York earn 84 percent of what men earn. And that gap is even more alarming among women in upstate New York and African-American and Hispanic women who earn as little as 55 percent of what white non-Hispanic men make.

“Women are the breadwinners in millions of families across New York State and they need access to employment that does not discriminate based on gender or race,” stated Christine Sadowski, representing the YWCAs of New York State. “From a woman in New York City making 80 cents to every dollar a man makes to a woman in Buffalo making 67 cents, and every community in between, pay equity is a priority for the people of our state.”


The Washington State Senate convenes February 17, 2016, the 38th day of the Legislative Session.

“The action of the Senate and Assembly shows a willingness to align with Governor Cuomo’s goals and the priorities of the Women’s Equality Coalition,” said Beverly Neufeld, Equal Pay Coalition NYC. “We anticipate this level of cooperation going forward for all the components of the Women’s Equality Agenda.”

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