In Anticipation of 20th Anniversary of Take Your Daughters & Sons to Work Day,

New York Women’s Equality Coalition Advocates for Workplace Protections for Women


ALBANY, NY, April 24,2013—In anticipation of tomorrow’s 20th anniversary of Take Your Daughters & Sons to Work Day, members of the New York Women’s Equality Coalition will visit legislative offices today to advocate for the workplace protections that are part of the Women’s Equality Agenda. Advocates will deliver PayDay bars to legislators as a reminder that when we take our daughters and sons to work tomorrow, they will be confronted with the harsh reality that statewide, women earn only 84 cents for every dollar that a man earns. In many upstate regions, the gap is even wider – Oswego County women earn 69 cents on the dollar, Niagara County women earn 74 cents on the dollar, and women in Onondaga County earn 76 cents on the dollar.

In addition to achieving pay equity, the Women’s Equality Agenda will strengthen laws against sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, and discrimination against parents. To date, 808 women’s groups, religious leaders, and businesses statewide have signed on to the New York Women’s Equality Coalition in support of the Women’s Equality Agenda.

Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day aims to not only expose boys and girls to what their parents do during the workday but to show them the value of their education and the ability to envision what they want their futures to look like. Likewise, the Women’s Equality Agenda aims to level the playing field so that girls visiting workplaces with their parents tomorrow will never make less money just because of their gender; will never be subject to discrimination or denied basic workplace accommodations if they get pregnant; will be able to count on legal protections against sexual harassment even if they work for a small employer; and will never be denied a job or a promotion just because they are mothers. On a day when we ask young women to look ahead to what their future will hold, we also need to hold legislators accountable for passing legislation that will ensure that those futures are as bright as they can possibly be.

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