Thanks, AAUWNY for leading Twitter Power Lunch on Thursday 11/14 at Noon and supplying us with the following:

The needs and challenges facing New York’s young women are many. They have paid a high cost for their education, they are coming to maturity in the midst of an economic downturn, the work world is still filled with discriminatory practices which limit their options, and they suffer the same pay inequity their mothers and grandmothers faced, in too many cases.

The Women’s Equality Agenda is a package of legislation addresses employment discrimination by ending sexual harassment on the job, enforcing equal pay laws, and provide expanded access to legal justice. WEA will ensure young women get a good start on their work careers and get the economic security, justice, and freedom from violence that are essential to women’s equality for all of NY’s 10 million women. We need laws as strong as NY’s women.

TAKE ACTION: WEA Power-Lunch: Tweet for Equality for Young Women 12 PM – 1 PM – Thursday, Nov 14

Sample Tweets:
@NY4Women Young women 1 yr out of college are paid 6.6% less than their male counterparts. That’s $2,800! We need to #UpgradeNY laws Watch Fun Video:

$2,800 pay gap 4 young woman buys a year of groceries or 750 gallons of gas! #UpgradeNY @AAUWNY @EqualPayNY

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