Last day of TWEET WEEK for Pay Equity and WEC’s awesome Video! This week’s Twitter Power Lunches have helped get the word out & boost the views of the Women’s Equality Coalition’s humorous video to 8,000! Being on WNYC and in NYMagazine/The Cut is giving us amazing exposure.


1. Join our TWITTER POWER LUNCH – 12 to 1 pm (sample tweets below)
2. Share WEC’s FACEBOOK posts (go to for shares)
3. GOAL: Share the new VIDEO[] and PETITION with your networks

How? Visit WEC social media pages & from your organization’s account, retweet & share posts. @NY4Women for retweets.

    #WEAreStrong & our laws should be just as strong. It’s time to #UpgradeNY w/ Women’s Equality Agenda! @NY4Women
    Vintage: Great 4 t-shirts, bad 4 New York law. Let’s pass #WEA #UpgradeNY today!
  • EQUAL PAY TWEETS: Leadership and Opportunity
    .@NY4Women Video may be funny but it’s no joke! Talking abt ur salary can get u fired! #UpgradeNY laws!
  • How do you know u r getting equal pay when 61% of employees fear losing jobs for discussing salary? WATCH:
  • Companies w/ the most women board directors outperformed those with least by 26% ROI. NY needs women at the top! #UpgradeNY laws @NY4Women
  • Fed employees have smallest #WageGap of 9% b/c salaries r public.#UpgradeNY laws for #EqualPay! WATCH:
  • Why is #WageGap for lawyers 20%? One reason: pay secrecy. Join @NY4Women #UpgradeNY laws 4 #EqualPay! DYK:
  • Women r:4.2% of F500 CEOs, 20% of Senate, 15% of the military, but 51% of pop.! #UPgradeNY laws to UP the #s! @NY4Women Petition:
  • DYK Higher education increases wage gap for women! Stop pay discrimination! #UpgradeNY laws @NY4Women


  • Construction Contractors still ask women what r u doing on this site! Stop wage bias #UpgradeNY @NY4Women
  • 1978 goal for women in construction contracts: 6.9%. 2013 Reality: only 2.6%! #UpgradeNY laws @NY4Women
  • Women r 15% of the military but less than 3% of trade workers. #WEArestrong & want high paying work!@NY4Women #UpgradeNY laws for equal jobs!
  • Women r 12% of police officers. but 3% of working skilled trade workers. Sign @NY4Women Petition: to #UpgradeNY laws
  • Women r 43% of bus drivers,35% of athletes/coaches/umps but less than 3% in skilled trades.
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