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Albany coup halts Pay Equity

Posted by on June 12, 2009 at 18:52 pm

The recent turmoil in Albany has put a suddent halt to our efforts to move forward the NYS Fair Pay Act, a frustration felt by so many advocates for other legislative agendas.  We have been advised that, at best, the Senate will take up only critical bills. Everything else must wait until next year.

Knowing this, on Tuesday members of the EPCNYC and the statewide group, NYS Pay Equity Coalition, met with representatives of Governor Paterson and discussed S. 955 as well as two other pay equity bills which are more limited.  The Governor’s counsel was extremely receptive to working with us in the future.  We will be following up as soon as the drama of the Senate subsides.

The Equal Pay Coalition has much to celebrate in terms of accomplishments – we are a stronger, more diverse and more politically viable entity.  We have forged essential and valuable relationships in Albany and losing out this year is totally unrelated to our political skills or even that of S955′s sponsor Craig Johnson, rather to the overall turmoil in the legislature itself.  We will use the coming months to gather data, hone our arguments and create collaborations with like-minded groups to make change in NYS and NYC.  Please join us in this effort!

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