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Gender Gap in Nonprofit Salaries Persists, Study Finds

Posted by on September 27, 2010 at 15:57 pm

Female executives are receiving a smaller percentage of the total compensation paid by charities, even though the proportion of charity leaders who are women continues to rise, a new study has found.
The proportion of chief executives who are women edged higher in 2008, to nearly 47 percent, according to an annual survey by GuideStar, an organization in Williamsburg, Va., that collects the informational tax forms that nonprofit groups are required to file with the Internal Revenue Service. Yet female leaders continue to be much more heavily represented at smaller charities. Women held 57 percent of the chief-executive positions at organizations with budgets of $1-million or less but only 38 percent of the top positions at organizations with budgets of more than $1-million. Read More


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3 NYTimes Letters to Editor by Coalition

Posted by on September 27, 2010 at 09:48 am

Our national coalition responded powerfully and quickly to last week’s Opinion Piece doubting wage gap. Here are all 3 Letters to the Editor.

Re “Fair Pay Isn’t Always Equal Pay” (Op-Ed, Sept. 22): Christina Hoff Sommers’s ominous warnings of “multimillion-dollar lawsuits” should the Paycheck Fairness Act pass smell of fear-mongering hyperbole. We’ve heard it before, when critics warned that lawsuits would flood our courts after the passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. It hasn’t happened.

The wage gap is real. Our 2007 report, “Behind the Pay Gap,” which controlled for factors flagged by Ms. Sommers, like education and experience, found that college-educated women earn less than men with comparable backgrounds. Even the Bush administration acknowledged the existence of the wage gap.

The latest analysis Ms. Sommers cites, which shows young women outearning young men, needs to be viewed with a skeptical eye. The average American woman still earns 23 percent less than her male counterpart earns, a gap that is widest among older women and smallest among younger women.

With two-income families the norm, and with women increasingly assuming the role of primary breadwinner, Ms. Sommers’s criticism of the Paycheck Fairness Act reminds us of Chicken Little crying about the falling sky. Widely seen as an excellent tool to help close the gender wage gap, the Paycheck Fairness Act isn’t about lawsuits. It’s about American families. And it’s time we put them first.

Linda D. Hallman, Executive Director, American Association of University Women

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